Tuesday, September 25, 2012

iOS 6 Application Development

iOS 6 Application Development
Apple constantly improves iOS to provide superior functionality and iOS 6 is new advent which explores numbers of new features & improves usability of iPhone. Apple New iOS 6 operating system is a major step forward iOS 6 have over 200 new feature which includes Facebook integration, Apple Maps and many other new features.

IOS 6 will work across a range of devices including iPhones as far back as 3GS, the new iPad, the iPad 2 and fourth-generation iPod touch.iOS 6 is simple and costless to upgrade wirelessly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Along with the latest mobile technologies and excellence in iPhone Development, we are anxious to satisfy our client needs and give them best quality work. Our dedicated iPhone Developers and iPhone Programmers are resourceful all the time for custom mobile application development. So if you are looking for highly skilled iOS 6 Developers or iOS Programmers to get custom iPhone Application Development or iOS Application Development just start with Satisnet to Hire iOS 6 Developers and Hire iPhone Developers.

The New iOS 6 comes with new other features like Bluetooth Map support, improved keyboard layouts; Weather app has new user interface, French, German, and Spanish dictionaries, revamped icons for Settings, Contacts, Clock, and Rotation Lock and much more.

The New iOS 6 SDK (Software Development Kit) beta is now available for iOS Developer, which assist iOS Developers to create application. iOS 6 is barely out of the box, and developers will now begin innovating with it. So if you are looking for highly skilled iOS 6 Developers or iOS Programmers to get custom iPhone Application Development or iOS6 Application Development just start with Satisnet to Hire iOS 6 Developers and Hire iPhone Developers. We have expert iOS Developer who provide iOS 3, iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6 Application Development solution at affordable prices.

iPhone iOS Development make very simple for iPhone6 iOS Upgradation So you easily get new iOS 6 apps for iPhone.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Walk Type Share Messaging & Social Networking Application for iPhone & iPad launched by A1 Brains InfoTech

A1 Brains launched a new application unique for i-phone/ipad i.e. Walk-Type-Share. You can download this application for free directly from iTunes:

Free Download Walk Type Share: Messaging & Social Networking iPhone iPad Application

A1 Brains Iphone development team present one of the exceptional, charismatic application for i-phone/ipad users i.e. Walk-Type-Share. The main motive to develop this application is to avoid the accidents while the user is doing messaging via Iphone/Ipad during walking, as by this application user will able to get transparent view of road.

Today lots of mobile applications for different platforms are being released every day and publishers need to make sure that the application they develop should be something out of box, more useful and helpful in easy manner.

WalkTypeShare message application for iphone/iPad. Share through Twitter, Facebook with transparent keyboard screen & live camera background to avoid mishap while messaging.

Walk Type Share is light weight iPhone/iPad application to type, text, message while walking and share on SMS, Facebook, Twitter, email and group messaging, using transparent keyboard. Flashlight to view the road clears day/night on screen.

Walk Type Share is a messaging & social networking application for iPhone and iPad to text message while walking and share through SMS, Facebook, Twitter, email and group messaging, using transparent keyboard with live camera background.

Image capturing during messaging, sharing it through Facebook/Email or save to library.

This application has 3 different types of keyboards as main keyboard, semi transparent and transparent keyboard which works both in landscape and portrait mode. This feature facilitates the user to customize font color, keyboard transparency, background camera on/off etc.
  • Connect to your social network directly through Facebook & Twitter.
  • Get latest news feeds from Facebook, Twitter tweets and re tweet.
  • Available in English & German language.
  • Image capturing during messaging, sharing it through Facebook/Email or save to library.
  • This application has 3 different types of keyboards as main keyboard, semi transparent and transparent keyboard which works both in landscape and portrait mode. This feature facilitates the user to customize font color, keyboard transparency, background camera on/off etc.
  • Flashlight on/off option for background camera to use this application in dark.
Minimum Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch & iPad. Requires iOS 4.0

Other than this iphone/iPad application we also develop mobile application for different platforms. Contact us or inquire now about your web & mobile application requirement.

For more information about this application please visit:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hire Yahoo Store Developers for Yahoo Store Development & Design

In today’s flourishing market trend of online business and ecommerce website development, need for yahoo store development arise to hire yahoo store developers and designers having expertise in RTML for custom yahoo store development and designing.

Here are some tips and guidelines to adapt your e-commerce online shopping store into Yahoo Store to give interactive look, dynamic features and get robust web application for easy sale of your online products worldwide. As per the present market trend study an e-commerce website or an online shopping store is developed on common web platforms or storefronts which faces enough online issues or minor errors. While other Yahoo Store owners are calm and stress free in all aspects with good website functionality and robust web application benefits.

Some common issues faced with normal store front online shopping store other than Yahoo Store including other most important factor to be considered: -
  • Most of the e-commerce shopping store and other storefront faces unnecessary load on their online store. Eventually, repeated downtime on the store straight affects the revenue.
  • Absence of easy and simple features on product page without enough selection options lead to uneasy product selection or custom requirement of the customer. Thus making product selection dull without providing enough information or custom features.
  • Each and every Store have their own theme according to product selling. And so a particular interactive and attractive design layout and other necessary features should be available along with easy navigation process. Most of the common store fronts have limited design platform and thus arise the problem of custom design web pages according to the store requirement both client and customer side.
  • Web maintenance and product updating is another major aspect which requires additional care. In normal store front, product updating, adding or deleting is time consuming and difficult when compared to Yahoo Store benefits.
  • Normal store does not get enough traffic and good presentation and thus results into lack of enough customers and thus crises.
  • Online security is one of the most important concern for any shopping store from the user point of view. So the online transaction or the payment gateway process should be smooth and clear to build utmost trust in every customer.
All the above mentioned points are sufficient enough to think over any normal store owner to switch into Yahoo Store. Comparatively Yahoo Store provides enough dynamic solutions and custom features for your Online Store with interactive design layout and robust web applications.

Yahoo Store provides excessive care to enjoy online shopping easily.
  • Yahoo Store has maximum uptime stability and keeps your Yahoo Store live 24 hours 365 days.
  • Yahoo Store Features includes all the absent features very well covered with custom options and additional features. Managing and getting reports on stock, sale, transactions and other factors can be easily administered very well.
  • Custom Yahoo Store Designing helps in building and designing a well structured custom Yahoo Store Design meeting your entire store requirement. Its very easy to use Third-party tools or easy designer tools developed by professional Yahoo Store Developers. Yahoo Store Website Design is search engine friendly and user-friendly at the same time. RTML, PHP and MYSQL programming languages plays a vital role in designing Custom Yahoo Store and Yahoo Store Development.
  • Online security in Yahoo Store is much more reliable when compared to other store fronts. Online transactions carried out takes place on highly secured servers with safe barrier and encryption shields to protect your confidential details. So the online transaction carried out is hassle free and totally risk free.
  • Website maintenance is very simple and easy for product updating and carried out with good administrative back-end.
Now-a-days Yahoo Store has become the most popular and speedy online store platform, reasonably priced for small and medium sized business. Its very simple to set up a well functioned online shopping store without much HTML/ RTML programming skills. Secure online transactions, easy management and other custom requirements can be fulfilled through its potent backend management tools. So get ready to Hire Yahoo Store Developers for Yahoo Store Customization or get your store a new look with custom design Yahoo Store.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Offshore Outsourcing Web Services: PHP Web Development

Over years, many worldwide corporations have been successfully adopting a business winning strategy, named offshore web development. Offshore outsourcing is preferred by most of the foreign web development companies, as it easily helps them in their business improvement through web development. Offshore outsourcing results in the enhancement of their business through their business website meeting their specific web development requirements by means of cost effective solutions. Offshore web development with its series of considerable benefits and advantages provide affordable web services for website development. It provides an easy start up to new companies providing the necessary web solutions on regular basis. Another benefit of its successful strategy includes quality web development, cost effective web services, regular website maintenance, and round the clock technical support.

One of the most significant benefit of offshore web development is the easily availability of abundant IT resource. The increasing capacity of offshore outsourcing has led to standardized, authentic and mature development processes, which serve the purpose of decreasing any project risks. Furthermore, development time has been lowered down by the timely work of skilled and experienced IT team and availability of dedicated web services.

Premium quality is another benefit of the successful strategy of offshore outsourcing. Now-a-days it has become one of the most desired means of software or web development and thus its need have been significantly boosted. At this level, every offshore web development company holds their best web services, software development, web application development, mobile application development with reliability and superior quality work at affordable cost price.

As the offshore outsourcing market is highly competitive, all web development companies must demonstrate their competence. Providing quality services at low cost is one of the best means to stay ahead in software and IT industry. Quality offshore outsourcing services are provided at competitive prices by most of the web development companies. Many offshore outsourcing web development companies provide all the kind of web services for web development like website designing, PHP web development, web application development, website development and mobile application development is the most latest among all of them. Thus there is much competition in the IT market as per the rising need of advanced technologies.

Maintaining a long term relationship with clients is cared by web development companies providing timely and regular web maintenance services. Therefore, offshore web development companies can prove their efficiency and so attract clients to avail their web development services. Solid web expertise also comes in the package during choosing offshore web development. Professional experts, web developers and programmers easily provide all your needs for website development, web application development or mobile application development. Solid technical expertise is revealed in offshore outsourcing and it assures to fulfill all your business development needs. Proving the work and results on time is another quality of outsourcing web services. Round the clock technical support about the ongoing project helps the client to be updated about the work. The hiring methodology for dedicated developers or hire developers is much simpler and easier which save your time of looking for to get your work.

Offshore web development services help your business to grow faster among your competitors. Need not to mention that benefits are immense and this industry is rising every day. Offshore outsourcing is improving day by day to meet the level of advanced and latest internet technologies, mobile and web. This alone reason is enough to consider offshore web development as an easy medium for online business development or business web solutions.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How To: Hire Web Developers, Programmers & Website Designers

Why Hire a Developer
When a business owner plans to hire developers or web programmers they will find bit tough if they are not much technical sound or having enough hiring idea. So necessary research or basic knowledge is must so they can fulfill their business development requirement by hiring developers. To meet the current internet technology development, Hire developers and web programmers is required to build robust web applications, interactive websites, e-business applications (CMS) and e-commerce applications. Hiring developers saves your time and effort and help you in building your business development applications. Web developers work with your ideas implement them into web technologies and let you fine results as per your need.

Many web development companies with their web services put away your difficulties and provide you skilled, experience and professional expert web developers, programmers and website designers whom you can hire to meet your business development requirement.

Hire a developer with technical expertise in web services like:
Language: PHP, ASP.NET, Dynamic HTML (DHTML), XML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
Open source: Joomla, Os-commerce, Zen Cart, X-cart, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, LAMP, Web 2.0 technologies, Ruby on Rails Development, Coldfusion, Ecommerce
Frame Work: Zend, Ruby on Rails, PHP Web Development, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Seagull, Akelos, Prado, Solar, Fuese, AjaxAC, ColdBox, ColdSpring, FarCry, Fusebox
Others: iOS Development, iPad Application, iPhone Application Development, iPhone Xcode Development, Windows Mobile Application, Android Application, BlackBerry Application, Yahoo Store, Symbian mobile application, Brew Mobile Application, Java phone application

Make sure you hire developers and get quality work fulfilling your requirement on time. Consider below points while hiring a developer.

 Hire Developers at Ease
  • You can choose a dedicated developer
  • You can specify your hiring term like- hourly, weekly or monthly as you want
  • Timing: 8 Hrs/Day, 5 Days a Week
  • You can communicate through email and instant messengers
  • Back up Developer in case your hired developer is not available
  • As per your need you can add more developer

Benefits of Hiring Developers
  • Experienced developers team
  • Years of proven experience
  • 24x7 Client support
  • Total 60% of cost efficiency
  • Daily basis projecting reporting
  • Communication via IMs during working hour
  • Client have full command on their hired developers
  • Technical expertise at different experience levels
  • Significant cost savings over in-house development
  • No start-up costs or overhead expenses
  • Skilled and experienced developers with exactly the right expertise for the job.
  • Strong and experienced management team to manage group of dedicated software professionals.
  • Secure development environment with firewall, password and encryption protection.
  • Reduced development time.

Hiring Methodology
  • Our judicious approach towards offshore outsourcing business – We have expendable policy for rapidly growth of our internal environment and external outsourcing business.
  • Understanding Requirements – At this stage we first analyze your requirement to give you the best result.
  • Testing & Implementation – To give you best quality services, we prefer deep testing by our expert developers & programmers.
  • Launch – This last phase includes final setup with the solution tune up and support.

For any kind of web development, you just need to hire developers and web programmers among the experts. Professional experts and well experienced developer team will provide you quality web services fulfilling your entire business requirement. Along with the latest web technologies and excellence in website development, they satisfy your web development needs and give best quality work. So if you are looking for highly skilled web developers, web programmers or website designers to get custom web application development just seek to Hire Developers and Hire Programmers.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

iOS 5 Application Development Benefits & iPhone 5 Features

iPhone 5 with latest iOS 5 application development came out with more than 200 plus new features. With updated SDK, above 15,00 new APIs and development tools iPhone 5 has become more faster and smother.

iOS 5 Application Development with iPhone 5 has been recently announced the world’s most advanced mobile operating system with whole new updated level. With more than 200 plus new features, updated SDK and above 1,500 new APIs with powerful development tools had made a great revolution in iPhone Application Development & iOS Development. With iOS 5 advent iPhone 5 has become much faster, smother and advanced multi-tasking mobile phone.

iOS 5 Development is very flexible with its new features that can do more than anyone can think. iOS 5 Application Development have provided several requirements and applications that assist iPhone users the best to perform their preferred tasks more easily and speedily. On the other hand iOS5 is loaded with so many features like iCloud, notification center, imessage, newsstand, reminders, social networking and many more. The accessible features like camera, safari, mail, calendar, game center and Wi-Fi Sync have been developed with fully improvised features.

iOS 5 includes more than 200 new features that makes everything easier and faster with iPhone 5. Some of the iOS5 features that go further are:

iCloud Storage: iCloud is an automatic and effortless interface to seamlessly integrate all your apps and stores your media files which you can access on all your Apple devices wirelessly. iCloud is easy to set up and simple to use. It updates all your data on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC.

Notification Center: Setting all your alerts in one place. It provides a free way to simply display and handle your app notifications without interrupting any running application. It is improvised and built on the existing notification system, so your existing local and push notifications just works fine and remain updated.

Newsstand: One stop custom news stand with your entire subscriptions. Just one stand to get all the latest concern of your magazines and newspapers directly. Newsstand Kit offers everything that you have to update about new issues in the background, so you can always be in touch with the nearby and recent covers.

Twitter Integration: Tweet directly from your apps using the new Tweet sheet. It supply all of the existing feature with every built-in apps, including URL shortening, updating current location, character count and photo hosting on Twitter.

iMessage: A new messaging service that works between all iOS 5 users over Wi-Fi and 3G. iMessage automatically pushes all to iOS 5 devices, making it easy to maintain one conversation across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Storyboards: Storyboards will transform the way you write a bulk interface code and also hand the potential to your development workflow as a whole throughout a team.

Core Image: Generate incredible effects in your camera and image editing with Core Image. It is a framework that offers an uncomplicated approach to improve snaps and videos edit and share them instantly.

Game Center: iOS 5 have a turn-based game support where players can play when they want and Game Center will manage each turn for them so that a player can play at their time. It automatically sent a push notification to the next player via Notification Center and handle multiple game sessions.

OpenGL ES: A new high-level framework that combines the best practices of advanced rendering and texture techniques with the latest OpenGL ES 2.0 features.

Location simulation: Here you can test your location-based features with your app without leaving your desk. Just select from predetermined location and direction within the iOS Simulator and pick a custom latitude and longitude with accuracy while you’re running your simulated app.

Automatic Reference Counting: ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) for Objective-C makes memory management job of the compiler. By permitting ARC with the new Apple LLVM compiler, you will never have to type retain or release again, considerably simplifies the development process, while reducing crashes and memory leaks.

By the discrepancy of iOS 5 features one can figure out the complexity of the operating system. Also there are numerous iOS 5 Apps for iPhone 5 so select and get what actually suits your requirements. Consecutively to get an application that serves you the best and fulfills your requirement nicely with other apps for Apple devices.

iOS5 for iPhone Developers
iOS 5 with an updated SDK and over 1,500 new APIs with powerful development tools makes iOS 5 Application Development & iPhone 5 Development easy for Iphone Developers with the advantage of iCloud Storage, Newsstand Kit, Core Image, GLKit, Game Center APIs.

Other iOS 5 application frameworks with lots of improvement and bug fixes across several development frameworks includes UIKit, Message UI, OpenAL, Media Player, Map Kit, Game Kit, Event Kit, Core Foundation (Motion, Graphics, Location & Data) Address Book and Security.

Thus iOS5 development seems more powerful than ever with iCloud that have great potential to develop new iPhone Applications and Frameworks to make iPhone5 the best. And so is the ease to Hire iPhone Developers or iOS Developers.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

PHP Web Development Beneficial For Online Business

In today’s competitive world of business over the internet, every online business website needs latest web technology solutions with best web application development. But there are intense competitors when it comes to developing an eye-catching website and making it function effectively or perform fast and easy multi-tasking. There are so many platforms for website designing like static HTML, flash websites and many more. PHP is one such platform that effectively works the best for custom cutting-edge web solutions. Another major feature for opting PHP is the cost advantage. Designing, customizing, developing and modifying PHP based websites is done well with affordable investment. Major web development companies offer professional web services on PHP including PHP website development, developing web application, CMS development, custom PHP website design, static/dynamic and interactive MYSQL websites designing and much more with PHP Web Development.

PHP is very well known and recognized programming language for custom website development with its fully functional scripting language. Significantly it can be quickly mixed up into HTML easily. PHP Development is quite easy as opposed to its competitors such as ASP.Net, Coffee and some other. PHP Website Development got uncomplicated format, techniques and features and every programmer can understand it quite quickly. There may be some efficient alternatives available for the development of efficient website, but PHP web development fits the best.

Extensive Benefits of PHP Web Development:
• A website developed with PHP will have fast data processing and easy functionality.
• It can run on all the OS systems such as Unix, Unix like and Windows.
• Provides highest excellence along with greater efficiency and usability.
• It has a best ability to upload into the HTML value.
• This is very much appropriate with many hosts such as IIS, Apache and some more.
• Data source control can handle many data source such as Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, Strong, Informix, Commonly used ODC and PostgreSQL.
• Major Web applications are easy to integrate with PHP such as Ajax, Flash and some more offering best website visibility.
• PHP development with feature rich collection uses less value and can be outfitted well with design advancement of its own for custom website design.

We provide you the best web solutions for website development with years of quality experience in PHP development. With PHP it has become possible to make robust website that goes in an extensive way to assist the best through its functionality. PHP website development also raises the visibility and representation of the website in a highly effective and professional style.

Hiring a dedicated PHP web developer will offer excellence and keeping of time along with efficiency to your web development. The companies can work out on some other primary areas of development after selecting the affordable PHP developer.

All the above advantages avail with affordable cost price for web development through open source PHP Web Development, an best choice for any online business organization to come up with modern thoughts and try to fulfill their requirement with better services. Dedicated PHP developer works timely to meet your requirement with client interaction about work updates and regular interaction. They will produce working reviews to you and one of the points they will provide you is their easy development style. We provide professional PHP developers and PHP programmers well experienced in PHP to offer you quality website development services.

Along with the latest PHP development and excellence in PHP web development we are anxious to satisfy our client needs and give them best quality work. Our dedicated PHP Developers and Programmers are resourceful all the time for project customization. So if you are looking for highly skilled PHP developer to get custom PHP web development just start with us to Hire PHP Developers and PHP Programmers.